Constance Scholten

Venture Partner - Human Capital

Constance is an entrepreneur with passion for human behavior and technology.

An early entrepreneur 

Constance followed her love of the internet early on, when she dropped out of law school to start her first company aged 19. After selling that company to Van Beuningen & Partners, she went on to become Commercial Director at TravelBird. During this time the idea for Camarilla was born. She was the founder of this personal bonding app, which spread rapidly across the globe before being sold to HR-tech company Appical in 2017.

Inspiring others

Constance’s entrepreneurship and drive has not gone unnoticed, as she was voted one of the Netherlands’ 50 most inspiring female tech entrepreneurs in both 2016 and 2017.

More passionate than ever, her driving force is to make a constructive difference to the world by developing talent, first-class teams in companies with impactful technology.

When Constance is not working she is...

Doing Yoga



Spending time with her closest