your business ahead!


your business ahead!

We look for inspirational leaders building digital love brands that fit our investment philosophy based on strong brands, happy customers and healthy margins.

We offer your team support on three specific domains, which are brand, talent and finance. If we're a perfect match we know we can make magic happen and shape the future of digital consumer life together.


Strong Brands


We believe in meaningful brands with a clear mission, an unequivocal positioning and a long-term brand strategy. We look for durable brands who put their role at society at core.

Happy Customers


We believe in companies that put their ‘customers first’. We look for companies that score exceptionally high on reviews, have engaging communities and a loyal fanbase.

Healthy Margins


We believe in companies that have healthy margin potential and a clear path towards profitability. We look for companies that grow at a high speed, with scalable underlying metrics and KPI's as growth accelerates.

We invest in:

Digital brands, consumer-centric platforms and marketplaces

Talented, ambitious & diverse teams

Seed, early & growth stage

Located in western Europe

Clear and understandable propositions

Disruptors in an established market

Providing support along your journey:


Having a strong brand enables companies to stand-out from the crowd and build meaningful relationships with consumers. Luckily, we have over 30 years brand experience and a true passion for giving young companies the edge to build lovable and lasting brands.

Slingshot's network and brand expertise provides us with valuable support on the positioning of our brand and international roll-out.

Wouter de keizer

CEO Stox Energy Socks


A well-balanced team forms the foundation of any success story. We have dedicated people in our team ready to help you source the right talent for growth and support you in professionalizing your organization on the go.

“Slingshot actively helped us finding the right talent to strengthen our team and professionalize our organization whilst growing.”

Rochdi darrazi

Founder & CEO Boldking


Our financial support doesn’t just provide our founders with capital to push their vision forward. We have a dedicated team that supports on topics ranging from the implementation of dashboarding and reporting tools to raising additional capital from banks or international and befriended partner VC’s.  

“Slingshot’s help was pivotal in preparing for our next funding round. It really made the difference. ”

Patrick & Laurens

Founders of Wundermart

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