Amy Toornent

Office Manager

Give her a task and she’s on it! Amy is an expert in planning, organizing and social media management – the ultimate office assistant.

Event Management & Communications

After graduating in Event Management & Communications at Hogeschool Inholland, she started her first ‘grown-up’ job at DRS Real Estate, where she was the all-round team assistant for 4,5 years. Now, many years later, she is ready for a change.

Her interest in the investment industry has brought her to Slingshot Ventures. In March 2021 we welcomed Amy to the team where she will be responsible for managing the Slingshot social media channels and offering support to the whole team, wherever needed.

Raised and born in Amsterdam

She knows the city like the back of her hand. Need some inspiration for fun coffee places, shops or clubs? Amy is your girl. But, not everything is fun and games. In need for some serious work related chats or is there a heavy deadline coming up? She’s also your girl!

Loves to support the investment team and to work in an high-energy environment.

When Amy is not working, she is:

Enjoying the beautiful city of Amsterdam

Sipping coffee & good wine with her closest

Cycling her ass off at Rocycle