Intern Venture Capital

Internship opportunity at Slingshot Ventures, available from January 2025.

Slingshot Ventures is looking for a full-time Intern Analyst. This is your opportunity to enter the exciting world of Venture Capital, working along side our team members, gaining valuable knowledge about early-stage technology investing and essential skills that will set you up for a promising career in Venture Capital, Private Equity, M&A or any other Investment focused profession. You will be a fully respected teammember, being offered the opportunity to contribute to our deal sourcing process, market analysis and assist our team during investment processes. Are you interested in working with promising start- and scale-ups whilst having an accelerated learning curve during the next four months? Then keep on reading!

About Slingshot

Slingshot Ventures is managed by an entrepreneurial-minded team of five, each with their own specialism, added value, and responsibility. We all share a love for finding promising ventures and helping them to unlock their full potential. After fully investing our EUR 64 million Slingshot Ventures II fund, we are currently investing from our EUR 60 million Slingshot Ventures III fund with the same focus on companies that operate scalable, international and online-focused business models. We primarily invest in the Netherlands, other Western European countries and Israel. Investments include Chronext, Wundermart, VanMoof, Boldking, Temper, Check, Wasteless, Swishfund, Stox Energy Socks, Wild, The Fabricant, Naduvi, Versa, Toothfairy and Fangage.

At Slingshot Ventures we firmly believe that the diversity of our team makes us more creative,forward-thinking, innovative and as a result of that significantly more successful. Being “different” is what makes us unique and we always welcome one-of-a-kind ambitious people to complement our team.

About the internship

During your time with us, you will be actively involved in our team and will:

What we look for

How to apply?

The selection process runs in 3 steps:

1. Apply bysending an e-mail with a concise motivation as well as your resume to;

2. Online interview to determine personal fit and motivation to intern at Slingshot Ventures; 

3. Physical(or online) interview to determine intern responsibilities' fit, through a case where the candidate finds a potentially fitting startup and reasons why (not)to invest.