Temper: Tech5 by Adyen & TNW – the hottest young scale-ups from Europe

The hottest young scale-ups from Europe:


In many industries like hospitality, where occupancy rates fluctuate heavily and turnover is high, employers are always looking for a strong flexible labor force. At the same time, there are so many people looking for a better way to organize their work-life balance and make some extra cash (I mean, who isn’t?). Temper tries to bridge the gap between these two groups by providing a platform where business owners can post jobs, and freelancers can pick them up on their own terms.

Since its launch in 2016, Temper has seen great success in the Netherlands with 70,000 freelancers and 4,000 business owners already registered. Recently, Temper received an investment of over €4 million to expand its operations internationally and crossed their 1 million hours worked milestone. Having grown from 10 to 75 FTE, this is definitely a startup on the rise and ready to redefine the future labor market.


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